Steering Committee

Our steering committee consists of leads of other festivals, restaurateurs, shops, parents, entertainers, artists and leaders in the phoenix event industry.

Steering Committee
Core Roles

Festival Working Committees
(50 Positions Available plus 3 BODs, 2 Advisors)

    1. Welcome Potluck
    2. Operations
    3. Merchant vendors
    4. Food Vendors
    5. Exhibitors
    6. Non-Profits
    7. Main Stage
    8. Demonstrator Stage
    9. Competition Stage and Contest Winners
    10. Drum Stage
    11. Marketing Lead: Posters, Flyers and Programs
    12. Ticket Sales and Parking Passes
    13. Decor
    14. Opening Ceremony
    15. Volunteer Set-up and Take-down
    16. Special Guest Host or Hostess: Hotels
    17. P.R. (e.g., Website and Social Media)
    18. Family Zone: Children’s Activities
    19. Spirits Garden
    20. Grant Writing and Sponsors
    21. Global Ambassador
    22. Community Ambassador
    23. Thank You Banquet

111 Amazing Volunteers Needed to Make the Festival a Success!

Steering Committee
Brief Description

Festival Working Committees
(50 Positions Available plus 3 BODs, 2 Advisors)

  1. Welcome Potluck
    a. Assigns committee members to making an international dish that reflects their culture or challenges their skills by trying another cultures recipe
  2. Operations
    a. Handles all (Facilities, stages, tables, chairs, tents, street closure, COP permits, etc.)
    b. Must work directly with COP
    c. Merchant Vendor Coordinator
    d. Responsible for all festival participants who conduct non-food sales and collection of money. (E.g., calligraphy booth and children’s activities. Collect money only. Coordination of Booths done separately by another Committee Member) (Closed-Container vendors such as Tea may fall under this category).
  3. Food Vendors
    a. Responsible for all festival participant who conduct food sales and collect money (E.g., food trucks, and water bottles sold at Information Kiosk).
  4. Exhibitors: Booths and Off-Stage Entertainment (Buskers, Flash Mobs, Street Performers, Stilt Walkers)
    a. Responsible for scheduling performance times and working hand in hand with operations to create designated areas.
    b. Must ensure all performers demonstrate a financial need to not apply as a stage competitor or demonstrator.
    Main Stage
    Coordinates Talent Shows (E.g., Comedy) and Fashion Shows
    Demonstrator Stage
    Coordinates all Martial Arts Performances, Skits, and Readings
    Competition Stage and Contest Winners
    Coordinates Rap Battles, Battle of the Bands, Choir Battles, Hair Battles, Cosplay, and Dance Battles
    Drum Stage
    African Drums, Taiko, and Trapeze-Like Performers
    Marketing Lead: Posters, Flyers and Programs
    Designs or works with a designer to create Posters and Flyers and Program (Program must include Map of the Park with all designated areas and stations)
    Ticket Sales and Parking Passes
    Coordinates all ticket sales
    Responsible for collecting tickets both days of Festival.
    Works hand in hand with Operations to cover what shifts they will need support back-up.
    Ensures (Electronic) Distribution of Bar-Coded Parking Tickets
    Works with Operations to cover what shifts they will need support back-up.
    Flags, Poles, Masks and all creative ideas are welcome to make the Festival pop!
    Opening Ceremony: Coordinates and Secures Talent for
    Unity Anthem
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Positions throughout the Festival
    12 Specified Lead Volunteers:
    Volunteer Check-in (2)
    Opening Ceremony (2)
    Chief Zone Officer (2)
    Welcome Center: PIHF Life Pop-Up Shop (2)
    Information Kiosk (2)
    Family Zone Leader (2)
    32 Common Volunteer Positions: Set-up and Tear Down: Tents (4)
    Tables & Chairs (4)
    Booth and Event Signage (4)
    Inside & Outside Greeters: Greeters (4)
    Directional Support (4)
    Vendor Support Relief (4)
    General Area Clean Up: Trash Bin (4)
    Food & Beverage Clean Up, Floaters, etc. (4)
    Special Guest Host or Hostess: Hotels
    Show Out of Town Guest around the city during their stay
    Point of Contact for their concerns
    Book their Hotel Accommodations
    P.R. (e.g., Website and Social Media)
    Technical Support
    Maintains social media and website
    Family Zone Leader: Children’s Activities
    Community Art Project for Kids
    Youth Poetry Contest
    Youth Art Show and Contest
    Phoenix International Festival Games and Rides
    Works with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure proper staffing for the event.
    Spirits Garden
    Grant Writing and Sponsors
    Secures grants and sponsorships
    Researches local and national grants
    Create a Sponsorship Packet aimed at local businesses and organizations
    Global Ambassador Core Committee Leader
    Works with Thank-You Banquet Leader to ensure presentations happen at the Banquet (Projector/Slide Show of Ambassadors Work, and Acknowledgement of Ambassadors Verbally, and with Certificates or Plaques)
    Coordinates with Global Ambassadors must produce one video showcasing cultures around Arizona or documenting their time as an Ambassador.
    Coordinates with Global Ambassadors will coordinate one school project idea to be taken to local schools.
    Option 1: The Ambassadors as a whole may come up with a unique approved idea or
    Option 2: use one designated by the Festival. The designated Festival activity is a poetry contest. Each ambassador will be given a different genre to take to their school. If an Ambassador shares a school with another Ambassador one must find another school or program (i.e. a church or youth group) to participate. Each winning genre will be given the opportunity to perform their poem at the Festival.
    Planning and leading hands-on activities for children at the Festival’s signature events.
    Representing the Festival at community events and attending the Festival.
    Acting as cultural and educational liaisons at Phoenix, AZ-area schools and with exchange student programs to teach children about the history of our diverse cultures found in America.
    Community Ambassador
    Retail Volunteer Roles May Include:
    We ask for a volunteer to find as many local retailers as possible to participate.
    Secure a photo is taken of every window and received.
    Issue all Participating stores a thank you email for participation.
    Flyer Distribution
    Optional: Available to Issue Winning Retail Award during the Festival.
    Community Volunteer Roles May Include
    We ask for a volunteer find as many local residents as possible to participate.
    We encourage residence being found by contacting schools, universities, notification flyers posted at parks and recreation sites, and senior facilities.
    Secure a photo is taken of every window and received.
    Works with Thank-You Banquet Leader to ensure presentations happen at the Banquet (Projector/Slide Show of Ambassadors Work, and Acknowledgement of Ambassadors Verbally, and with Certificates or Plaques)
    President and Vice-President
    The President shall preside at EC meetings.
    The President may also serve as one of the PIHFSC co-chairs.
    The President may preside at a Core Meeting or delegate the responsibility to a Vice President or Co-Chair of the PIHFSC.
    The President shall not serve as one of the Directors.
    b. Vice President(s)
    The Vice-President shall preside at any EC meeting in the absence of the President.
    A Vice-President shall not serve as one of the Directors or a PIHFSC Co-chair.
    The Vice President shall schedule the annual EC meeting.
    The Vice President shall be responsible for advising the EC of the requirements connected with reports to the Arizona Corporation Commission. I.e., due dates and any changes in requirements that may be made from time to time.
    The Vice President shall be responsible for advising the EC of the IRS requirements for filing reports, i.e., due dates, forms to be used, etc.
    One of the three co-chairs preside over the PIHFSC meetings using either the approved generic agenda or creating a specific meeting agenda.
    Each meeting is presided over by an alternate co-chair.
    Open the meeting by announcing it is called to order.
    Have the meeting agenda, By-laws, P&P, and Roberts Rules of Order at hand.
    Request a volunteer to act as Parliamentarian and/or Sergeant at Arms if desired. The Secretary is not to act in this capacity as their focus should be on taking minutes. BOD and EC members are discouraged from volunteering so they may focus on their current roles, but it is allowed.
    Announce each sequence of business coming before the committee.
    State each motion that is to be put to vote.
    State whether the motion was approved or denied.
    If a Sergeant at Arms is not assisting, the Co-chair shall maintain order, e.g., ensure that speakers are not interrupted, discussions remain on topic, the meeting is neither to slow nor to rushed and members feel respected.
    Announce when the meeting has been properly adjourned.
    The presiding co-chair votes only in the event of a tie.
    Co-chair One Responsibilities
    Assist the merchandise vendor coordinator in selecting new participants.
    Assist the food vendor coordinator in selecting vendors.
    Assist stage coordinators.
    Co-chair Two Responsibilities
    Assist with vetting new members.
    Assist with PIHF safety and logistics, licenses, and permits.
    Co-chair Three Responsibilities
    Ensures that working committees have a coordinator and back-up.
    Ensures that the process notebooks for working committees are complete.
    Act as the coordinator of the mediation/arbitration process. *See the section on Mediation/Arbitration
    Thank You Banquet
    Coordinates Facility or Restaurant to have banquet
    Coordinates Global Ambassador Presentations with appropriate Ambassadors
    Submits Program of the Banquet to the President

111 Positions Available (If this document is changed you must also update Policies and Procedures).

Put in By-Laws a Johnson Family Member must always be on BOD.